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01_Tsung-Mei Chin

    名   靳宗玫 教授
聯絡電話(辦公室)   (02)-28610511#25316
教    研   室   大義館3F    327-4
學    歷   美國芝加哥大學化學博士
研究領域與專長   生物物理化學、生物有機化學、核酸化學


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  4. The Synthesis of N4-(6-Aminopyridin-2-yl)-2’-deoxycytidine for Recognizing the CG Base Pair at Neutral pH

    by Oligodeoxyribonucleotide-Directed Triple Helix Formation
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  5. “Paper-Clip” Type Triple Helix Formation by 5’d-(TC)3Ta(CT)3Cb(AG)3 (a and b=0-4) as a Function of Loop Size with

    and without the Pseudoisocytosine Base in the Hoogsteen Strand
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  7. Proton NMR Studies of 5’-d-(TC)3(CT)3(AG)3-A Paperclip Triplex: The Structural Relevance of Turns
    (Biophysical Journal Vol. 82 June 2002 3170-3180)

  8. Bimolecular Triplex Formation between 5’-d-(AG)nT4(CT)n- and 5’-d-(TC)n as Function of Helix Length and Buffer
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  9. Chang-Ming Sun, Tsung-Mei Chin, Yun-Lian Lin, Chien-Jui Chen, Wei-Chou Chen, Tian-Shung Wu and Ming-Jaw Don; Isolation, Structure Elucidation,
    and Syntheses of Isoneocryptotanshinone II and Tanshinlactone A from Salvia miltiorrhiza; Heterocycles 2006,


  10. 椅型核酸四聚體穩定度之研究
    靳宗玫, 楊荏安

    (中國化學會九十八年度年會, 2009, BC-012)