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03_Hui-Lung Chen

   名   陳輝龍 教授
聯絡電話(辦公室)   (02)-28610511#25313
教   研     大義館3F  309-4
學   歷   國立台灣師範大學化學博士
研究領域與專長   物理化學、計算化學、表面物理化學

Selected publications (SCI):

1.   Hui-Lung Chen,* Hsin-Tsung Chen, and Jia-Jen Ho,* “Density Functional Studies of the Adsorption and Dissociation of CO2 Molecule on Fe(111) Surface'', Langmuir 2010, 26, 775. (IF = 3.993; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:45/271)

2.   Ruei-Ching Jian, Chiitang Tsai, Ling-Chieh Hsu, and Hui-Lung Chen,* Theoretical Study on Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetics of Cyanomidyl Radical with NO, J. Phys. Chem. A 2010, 114, 4655. (IF = 2.883; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical – Ranking:11/35)

3.   Hui-Lung Chen,* Shiuan-Yau Wu, Hsin-Tsung Chen, Jee-Gong Chang, Shin-Pon Ju, Chiitang Tsai, and Ling-Chieh Hsu, “Theoretical Study on Adsorption and Dissociation of NO2 Molecule on Fe(111) Surface”, Langmuir 2010, 26, 7157. (IF = 3.993; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:45/271)

4.   Hui-Lung Chen,* Rui-Ging Jian, and Chiitang Tsai, “Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetics for Diazomethyl Radical with NO: A Computational Study”, Chem. Phys. Lett. 2010, 497, 153(IF = 1.860; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical – Ranking:19/35)

5.   Ren-Jie Lin, Feng-Yi Li, and Hui-Lung Chen,* Computational Investigation on Adsorption and Dissociation of NH3 Molecule on Fe(111) Surface, J. Phys. Chem. C 2011, 115, 521. (IF = 4.509; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:39/271)

6.   Hui-Lung Chen, Jee-Gong Chang, and Hsin-Tsung Chen,* “Origin of Doping Effects on the Oxygen Storage Capacity of Ce1-xMxO2 (M = Fe, Ru, Os, Sm, Pu)”, Chem. Phys. Lett. 2011, 502, 169(IF = 1.860; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical – Ranking:19/35)

7.   Hui-Lung Chen,* and Wan-Chun Chao, “Quantum Chemical Prediction of Pathways and Rate Constants for Reaction of Cyanomethylene Radical with NO”, J. Phys. Chem. A 2011, 115, 1133. (IF = 2.883; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical – Ranking:11/35)

8.   Shiuan-Yau Wu, Chia-Hao Su, Jee-Gong Chang, Hsin-Tsung Chen,* Chia-Hung Hou,* and Hui-Lung Chen,* Adsorption and dissociation of N2O molecule on Fe(111) surface: A DFT study, Comput. Mater. Sci. 2011, 50, 3311. (IF = 2.086; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:100/271)

9.   S. C. Xu, Hui-Lung Chen, and M. C. Lin,* “Quantum Chemical Prediction of Reaction Pathways and Rate Constants for the Reactions of Ox (x = 1 and 2) with Pristine and Defective Graphite (0001) Surfaces”, J. Phys. Chem. C 2012, 116, 1841. (IF = 4.509; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:39/271)

10. Hui-Lung Chen*, Sheng-ke Wu, and Yu-Huan Lu, “Computational Study on Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetics of RNCN (R =H, F, Cl, Br, CH3) Radicals with NO” J. Phys. Chem. A 2012 116, 3267. (IF = 2.883; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical – Ranking:11/35)

11. Hui-Lung Chen, Chia-Hao Su, and Hsin-Tsung Chen,* “Catalytic CO Oxidation by Au-Pd Core-shell Nanoparticles: A First-Principles Study”, Chem. Phys. Lett. 2012, 536, 100(IF = 1.860; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical – Ranking:19/35)

12. R. S. Zhu, Hui-Lung Chen, and M. C. Lin,* “Mechanism and Kinetics for Ammonium Dinitramide (ADN) Sublimation: A First-Principles Study”, J. Phys. Chem. A 2012, 116, 10836. (IF = 2.883; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical – Ranking:11/35)

13. Wen-Shuang Teng, Lyudmila V. Moskaleva, Hui-Lung Chen,* and M. C. Lin,* “Ab Initio Chemical Kinetics for H + NCN: Prediction of NCN Heat of Formation and Reaction Product Branching via Doublet and Quartet Surfaces” J. Phys. Chem. A 2013, 117, 5775. (IF = 2.883; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical Ranking:11/35)

14. Shang-Wei Chou, Ying-Ren Lai, Ya Yun Yang, Chih-Yuan Tang, Michitoshi Hayashi, Hsieh-Chih Chen, Hui-Lung Chen,* and Pi-Tai Chou,* “Uniform size and composition tuning of PtNi octahedra for systematic studies of oxygen reduction reactions” J. Catal. 2014, 309, 343. (IF = 7.354; Engineering, Chemical – Ranking:4/135)

15. Ming-Kai Hsiao, Yi-Hua Chung, Yu-Ming Hung, and Hui-Lung Chen,* “Reaction mechanisms and kinetics of the Iminovinylidene Radical with NO: Ab initio Study” J. Chem. Phys. 2014, 140, 204316. (IF = 2.894; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical – Ranking:9/35)

16. Ming-Kai Hsiao, Sheng-Ke Wu and Hui-Lung Chen,* "Adsorption and Dehydrogenation Behaviors of the NH3 Molecule on the W(111) Surface: A First-principles Study" J. Phys. Chem. C 2015, 119, 4188. (IF = 4.509; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:39/271)

17. Ming-Kai Hsiao, Chia-Hao Su, Sheng-Ke Wu, and Hui-Lung Chen,* "Computational Investigation of NH3 Adsorption and Dehydrogenation on W-modified Fe(111) surface" Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2015, 17, 30598. (IF = 4.449; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical – Ranking:6/35)

18. Hui-Lung Chen, Shin-Pon Ju,* Ken-Huang Lin, Jia-Yun Li and Hsin-Tsung Chen "Investigation of mechanical properties and thermal stability of the thinnest tungsten nanowire by density functional theory" RSC Advances 2016, 6, 1158. (IF = 3.289; Chemistry, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:48/163)

19. Hui-Lung Chen,* Shin-Pon Ju,* Shi-Liang Wang, Cheng-Tang Pan, and Chen-Wen Huang, "Size-dependent Thermal Behaviors of Five-fold Twinned Silver Nanowires: A Computational Study" J. Phys. Chem. C 2016120, 12840. (IF = 4.509; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:39/271)

20. Ming-Kai Hsiao, Wen-Ting Lo, Jia-Hui Wang, and Hui-Lung Chen,* "Hydrogenation of Hydrogen Cyanide to Methane and Ammonia by a Tungsten Catalyst: Insight from First-Principles Calculations" J. Phys. Chem. C 2016120, 22946. (IF = 4.509; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:39/271)

21. Ming-Kai Hsiao, Yi-Chun Hsieh, and Hui-Lung Chen,* "First-Principles Design of Iron-Based Active Catalysts for Adsorption and Dehydrogenation of H2O Molecule on Fe(111), W@Fe(111), and W2@Fe(111) Surfaces" J. Phys. Chem. C 2016120, 25780. (IF = 4.509; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary – Ranking:39/271)

Conferences and invited talks:

1.    Hui-Lung Chen, HPC Asia & APAN 2009, International Conference & Exhibition: March, 2009. (Invited speaker)

2.    Hui-Lung Chen, 2009理論計算化學研討會,中國文化大學化學系: March, 2009. (Chairman and Invited speaker)

3.    Hui-Lung Chen, The 1st Workshop of High-Performance Computing on Nanoscale Materials Research: August, 2009. (Invited speaker)

4.    Hui-Lung Chen, International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology, China: September, 2009. (Invited speaker)

5.    Hui-Lung Chen, 國立中興大學化學系,學術演講: December, 2009. (Invited speaker)

6.    Hui-Lung Chen, 2010理論計算化學研討會,中國文化大學化學系: April, 2010. (Organizer and Chairman)

7.    Hui-Lung Chen, 2010中國化學年會於國立台灣大學化學系,學術演講(光電材料組): December, 2010. (Invited speaker)

8.    Hui-Lung Chen, 2011理論與計算化學研討會,國立台灣大學浦大邦講堂: March, 2011. (Chairman and Invited speaker)

9.    Hui-Lung Chen, 2011理論計算化學與物理國際研討會,中國文化大學化學系: March, 2011. (Chairman)

10.  Hui-Lung Chen, 中原大學化學系,學術演講: September, 2011. (Invited speaker)

11.  Hui-Lung Chen, 東海大學化學系,學術演講: October, 2011. (Invited speaker)

12.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2011 NCHC HPC用戶研討會,國研院國網中心新竹本部: November, 2011. (Invited speaker)

13.  Hui-Lung Chen, 國立清華大學材料系,學術演講:January, 2012. (Invited speaker)

14.  Hui-Lung Chen, 國立成功大學化學系,學術演講: March, 2012. (Invited speaker)

15.  Hui-Lung Chen, 國立台灣大學物理系,學術演講: March, 2012. (Invited speaker)

16.  Hui-Lung Chen, 第五屆海峽兩岸理論化學與計算會議,大陸陝西師範大學: August, 2012. (Invited speaker)

17.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2012 1st International Conference on Material Chemistry: Theoretical, Computational and Experimental Perspectives (2012-ICMC-TCEP-I), Taipei: September, 2012. (Organizer and Chairman)

18.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2012中國化學年會於國立成功大學化學系,學術演講(物理化學組組): December, 2012. (Invited speaker)

19.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2013 Asia Consortium for Computational Materials Science, Working Group Meeting (2013 ACCMS WGM), Taipei: January, 2013. (Chairman)

20.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2013 The 6th Worldwide Chinese Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Conference, Taipei: June, 2013. (Organizer and Chairman)

21.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2014 International Research Conference on Engineering and Technology (IRCET 2014), Indonesia: June, 2014. (Invited speaker)

22.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2015 Asian Conference on Engineering and Natural Sciences (ACENS 2015), Tokyo: February, 2015. (Invited speaker)

23.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2015 International Conference on Computer Science, Data Mining and Mechanical Engineering (ICCDMME 2015), Thailand, April, 2015. (Invited speaker)

24.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2015 Symposium on Material Science and Energy Perspectives, PCCU, Taipei: April, 2015. (Organizer, Committee and Chairman)

25.  Hui-Lung Chen, 2016 International conference on Advances in Functional Materials (AFM-2016), Jeju, August, 2016. (Invited speaker)

Rewards and scholarships:

1.   Hui-Lung Chen, 2010 NCHC HPC用戶研討會,導本系研究生趙婉君同學,獲得壁報論文獎佳作。November, 2010. (Advisor)

2.   Hui-Lung Chen, 2010中國化學年會於國立台灣大學化學系,指導本系研究生簡睿慶同學,獲得物理化學組論文獎佳作。December, 2010. (Advisor)

3.   Hui-Lung Chen, 教學與行政服務表現優異,榮獲中國文化大學101學年度"院教學特優"教師December, 2012

4.   Hui-Lung Chen, 研究表現優異,榮獲101學年度國科會補助大專校院特殊優秀人才獎勵2012

5.   Hui-Lung Chen, 受邀擔任”The Scientific World Journal”Guest Editor任期至July, 2013

6.   Hui-Lung Chen, 研究表現優異,榮獲102學年度國科會補助大專校院特殊優秀人才獎勵2013

7.   Hui-Lung Chen, 研究表現優異,榮獲103學年度科技部補助大專校院特殊優秀人才獎勵2014

8.   Hui-Lung Chen, 受邀擔任中國化學會「化學」編輯委員會之編輯委員,任期至December, 2014

9.   Hui-Lung Chen, 研究表現優異,榮獲104學年度科技部補助大專校院特殊優秀人才獎勵2015

10. Hui-Lung Chen, 教學與行政服務表現優異,榮獲中國文化大學104學年度"校教學特優"教師。December, 2015

11. Hui-Lung Chen, 研究表現優異,榮獲105學年度科技部補助大專校院特殊優秀人才獎勵2016

NSC/MOST grands:

1.  國科會多年期研究計畫『First Principles Calculations to Study the Important Catalytic Reactions of NOx and CO2 on the Transition Metals or Transition Metals Surfaces (TMs = W, Cr, Fe, Ru, Rh, Ni, and Cu)2009/08/01 ~ 2011/7/31 (主持人,NSC 98-2113-M-034-002-MY2).

2.  國科會多年期研究計畫『First-Principles Calculations to Explore How to Reduce the Toxic Gases (NOx and CO2) in the Atmosphere and the Development of Hydrogen Energy Generation』2011/08/01 ~ 2013/7/31 (主持人NSC 100-2113-M-034-002-MY2).

3.  國科會大專學生研究計畫2012/08/01 ~ 2013/2/28 (主持人NSC 101-2815-C-034-003-M).

4.  國科會多年期研究計畫『First-Principles Calculations to Explore the Methanol and Ammonia Syntheses from CO2 and N2 Hydrogenation on Metallic/Bimetallic Surfaces and Nanoparticle Substrates』2013/08/01 ~ 2015/7/31 (主持人NSC 102-2113-M-034-002-MY2).

5.  國科會大專學生研究計畫2013/08/01 ~ 2014/2/28 (主持人NSC 102-2815-C-034-002-M).

6.  國科會延攬科技人才補助博士後研究員一名2013/08/01 ~ 2014/7/31 (主持人NSC 102-2811-M-034-003).

7.  科技部延攬科技人才補助博士後研究員一名2014/08/01 ~ 2015/7/31 (主持人MOST 103-2811-M-034-001).

8.   科技部研究計畫『First-Principles Calculations to Explore the (1) HCN Hydrogenation on Metallic/Bimetallic Surfaces and Nanoparticle Substrates, (2) Detailed Studies of Pyrolysis Behaviors of Kerogen in the Shale』2015/08/01 ~ 2016/7/31 (主持人MOST 104-2113-M-034-002).

9.   科技部大專學生研究計畫2015/08/01 ~ 2016/2/28 (主持人MOST 104-2815-C-034-053-M).

10. 科技部多年期研究計畫 『The applications of highly active metallic/bimetallic and ZSM-5 surfaces as a catalyst on some significant chemical reactions — A first-principles study』2016/08/01 ~ 2018/7/31 (主持人,MOST 105-2113-M-034-002-MY2).

11. 科技部大專學生研究計畫2016/08/01 ~ 2017/2/28 (主持人MOST 105-2815-C-034-002-M).

12.  科技部延攬科技人才補助博士後研究員一名2016/08/01 ~ 2017/7/31 (主持人MOST 105-2811-M-034-001).